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We understand how the Healthcare Products Business works. We understand the Product Life Cycle within the Product Business environment and the engagement of R&D team across the business. We will align to your business vision and strategy and provide services to deliver innovative products that will support your business goals.

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About Us

Our Directors and staff have been involved in, and in some instances led some of the most exciting IT projects in the world. We specialize in a range of areas within healthcare.

Our Leadership

Team Member

Ravi Kumar


Ravi was the former Chairman of iSOFT R&D India, Member of Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer of iSOFT Group. At iSOFT, Ravi was primarily responsible for product & technology strategy and played a key part in building and growing the business from a start-up to over $500m business. Ravi was responsible for leading a number of product teams designing and delivering products, running some of the largest healthcare systems in the world today. Ravi has over 20 years of international experience in software technology and management.

Team Member

Ravan Boddu


Ravan Boddu has over 24 years of international experience in software technology and management with entrepreneurial spirit coupled with hands-on approach and ability to focus on strategy, people and execution. Prior to ZANEC, Ravan started the Offshore Product Development center for iSOFT Group, UK as a joint venture (JV) where he worked as CEO of Indian operations between Oct 2000 and March 2007 delivering innovative products from the R&D center and grew the company from start-up to over 1600 employees.

Team Member

Varda Srinivasan


As the Chief Delivery Officer, Varda Srinivasan is responsible for the delivery of software for ZANEC. Varda is an industry veteran with more than 23 years of experience in product development as well as IT Services. He has a vast experience in delivery governance, establishing delivery processes and delivery structure, managing large projects running on multiple technologies and across many geographies. Varda is passionate about managing customer relationships, enterprise solutions including enterprise class mobile apps on the cloud, multi-tenant SaaS solutions on healthcare, logistics and other domains, and digital solutions.


Prior to ZANEC, Varda held vital roles in NTT Data/Keane/Caritor/IT Solutions. Prior to Keane, Varda was with Ramco Systems where he was involved in Product development, implementation and support for their ERP Suite. He started his career at Digital Equipment Corporation after completing his Masters in Physics (Hons) and MMS from BITS, Pilani.


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If you have an idea that involves a mobile app, all you need to do is give us a shout and we will take care of the rest for you.
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Collaborative Healthcare

Doing things together has always been fun and found to work when addressing complex issues. We believe that the same theory works when trying to managing one's health. ZANEC specializes in creating collaborative solutions using Gamification, Web2.0 platforms, Social Media Platforms (Facebook/Twitter and other social platforms). If you are looking to partner to bring your healthcare innovation to life, contact us.

We have designed collaborative healthcare management platforms using cutting edge technologies that helps people manage their healthcare collaboratively

We have designed and delivered secure portals for clinicians to collaborate and deliver quality care.

Health Pump nhs Gateway


We believe that What gets Measured Gets Managed (Peter Drucker)

With the rising inflation across the world today, It is very important that every organization delivering healthcare provides its services efficiently. The first step towards efficiency is to measure where it stands and ZANEC believes in enabling its customers to do so through its innovative analytics solutions. If you have a requirement in building an analytics solution for your business, contact us.

ZANEC has experience in designing a real-time analytics solution using Inter systems technologies Cache, DeepSee and Ensemble.

ZANEC has delivered complex analytics solutions using open source as well as proprietary technologies for reputed healthcare clients such as Harvard group of institutions.



As the world is embracing smartphones and tablets today, the number of apps on various platforms to address the needs of citizens is growing. We however believe that there is a lot of innovation left to be done in the Healthcare space. Our approach is to address very specific needs in the space of healthcare with an agile approach and crack one issue at a time.

We have designed and delivered solutions for clinicians to engage with patients on HIPAA compliant apps,

We have delivered mobile apps on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry) for large Pharma companies in the area of renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and several other areas.

We have delivered cutting edge patent pending solutions for Liver Care on a variety of mobile platforms.

Recatt Mobile ApplicationCyber Liver Mobile Application Cyber Liver Mobile Application